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After writing my previous post I came a cross a couple of great examples of good or better packaging designs on Speckyboy. This is my favourite selection.

Little bug

Little Bug is a baby food made with local, seasonal ingredients and packaged in a recyclable plastic. The design uses homely, small-town typography and colours associated with organic food to appeal to parents who care about the source of the food they feed their children.

60 Bag

The 60 Bag is a shopping bag that biodegrades in 60 days. The bold colours and modern typography appeals to younger audiences who tend to consider the mottled brown of most recyclable or biodegradable fibre products as unfashionable.

Paper Bottle

The 360 Paper Bottle is the first truly sustainable alternative to plastic bottles for beverages. It’s shape is reminiscent of plastic bottles to convey a sense of sturdiness.

Wine Packaging

This wine packaging transforms from in-store display to carry-able packaging. This is a remarkable design of convenience, and its impressive enough in innovation to overshadow the lack of aesthetic detailing.

Friggs Eco Selection

Friggs Eco teas use unique typography for each variety to express the characteristics of the tea inside — in the example above, mixed fonts give a sense of playfulness to match the fruity flavour of Rosehip berry tea.

Method Omop Packaging

Method’s Omop product line of floor cleaning fluids are made of recycled paper and bamboo fibre so that they’re compostable and recyclable. Method doesn’t conceal the recycled look of the paper packaging, but uses modern labels to send the message that it’s cool to be environmentally conscious.

Recycled Material

This detergent is sold in a package made completely out of recycled consumer plastics. What makes them unique? They don’t at all look recycled — they look factory new.


A very unique USB drive encased in wood instead of plastic, and packaged in recycled cardboard.

I love Eco

I love Eco’s package designs are consistently branded, but each design incorporates visual elements referencing the food within into elements of the brand such as the heart.

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